• Die Dekarbonisierung des Energiesektors verlangt Innovationen bei Erzeugung,
    Transport und Wandlung von Energie.

    ENEX POWER GERMANY entwickelt individuelle Lösungen im Anlagenbau für Sie.
  • Decarbonization of the energy sector requires innovations in generation, transport
    and conversion of energy.

    ENEX POWER GERMANY provides individual plant engineering solutions for you.

Since about 60 years the Hörmann Group has been successfully investing in Know-How.

With its 27 companies and more than 3.150 employees, an annual turnover of around 622 Mio € has been realized in 2019.

Thanks to its many affiliated companies within the Hörmann Group, ENEX POWER GEMANY is well supported by expertise in building, logistics and project management.

As consultant and planer, ENEX POWER GERMANY can offer all disciplines required for the realiziation of your power plant project.

Know-how in consulting and plant engineering

Process Engineering

A plant’s core is process engineering. As your planer you can rely on, we provide you with every necessary step from thermodynamic concept, system design, automation to commissioning.

Mechanical Engineering

Customized machines, apparatuses und controls are the backbone for the economic success of your project. We are your experienced partner for dimensioning, specification, supplier-neutral procurement und overall integration of the components.

Arrangement Design

Good arrangement design does not only optimize the invest but is also a key factor for smooth operation and maintainability. We provide you with the required operator’s point of view.

Pipe Engineering

Pipes and ducts are the vital lines of your plant. We create pipe systems, which are built economically and flexible for all operation modes and loads.

Project Management

Utilizing our successful and well proven processes and tools, we will bring your project on track and provide support until its closure.

Civil Engineering

Buildings and structures are more than the plant’s enclosure. Whether below or on surface, infrastructure or building services - we will provide you as capable and experienced partner.

Permit Engineering

Permits, concessions, laws and ordinance for immissions, water, mining, directives for product and occupational safety. We will set the right course for your project to achieve approval notice, involve public appropriately and secure a safe placement of the plant on the market.

Electrical Engineering & Process Control

On-site power supply, compliance with grid connection and well comprehensible fully automatic operation. Requirements for those tasks have become more complex and extensive. Our engineers are the first choice from concept to certification and acceptance.

Energy transformation

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